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BONK's primary objective is to give a voice to the communities and people that choose to take alternative pathways that exist beneath the mainstream and bring their stories to the forefront. It is a platform for documenting the stories, events and history of those that are part of alternative spiritualities, horror, dark aesthetics and counter culture movement. 

BONK originated with the aim to bring a platform to the vibrant and close knitted communities in the North of England. Focused in Yorkshire, it was conceptualised due to the difficulty of finding authentic information and people that aren't concentrated in the South. 

authenticity is vital

Our platform 

It is our aim to be able to provide an online platform, composing of a blog, and Instagram, and eventual published magazine for everyone to engage with and share stories and connect. We are hoping to be able to expand into event organisation, as well as, exhibition events where we showcase dark arts. 

it is an exciting new time for us and what we aim to cover. We know that there is so much to cover, and we want to be able to do that as authentically and raw as possible. We felt like this was something we had to do as these groups and communities can often be misconceptualised, as well as being influenced by capitalist aesthetics and false information. 

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